Why Sports Fans Love Fantasy Sports

The only thing sports fans love more than watching their cherished team play is cheering for the same team loaded with players from their fantasy sports roster. The reason for this love seem like an obvious if not crude one, money, but there’s a more in-depth answer that actually suggests a more rewarding involvement with sports. For many people, fantasy sports offer an enjoyable chance to take ownership of a roster the way a real general manager would.

Whatever the format, whether you’re picking players on a team for a year or a night, you are held accountable for your sports knowledge and acumen. You are rewarded and punished according to how well you know the league, how sound your sports’ judgement is, and how well you’ve researched. This type of involvement surpasses simply following players who incidentally land on your favourite team because it puts you on more intimate terms with the players around the league. When you have a vested interest in knowing players outside your team, you read a wider area of the sports section and you feel a greater responsibility to branch out and learn about obscure or lesser-known players.

Accordingly, this makes watching sports more fun! You become more than just a fan of players or a team. Every goal or basket gives you double pleasure, and the threat of an opposing fantasy player or team succeeding makes you interested in those games too–even in games where you don’t have players, you have to root against something or someone. It gives an authentic relevance to possibly every game in the schedule, and this in turn makes for a lot of enjoyable watching.

Fantasy sports are also inherently a social phenomenon. Between trade talks and sports banter, having a team gives you much to talk about with a circle of people with common interests. Perhaps you are running a fantasy team with a partner, and it’s necessarily a joint effort requiring teamwork. Perhaps you don’t know much about a sport and you’re looking for a hook to draw you in. Fantasy sports are the perfect way to get started. Sometimes you brag, sometimes you’re the pun of a joke, but either way a certain kind of camaraderie builds between participants in the same pool, not unlike how it happens on an actual sports team. Being in the same league as others is fun.

So whether it’s finding a new reason to enjoy sports more than ever or joining up with friends or co-workers (there’s nothing like an office pool!) to put your sports knowledge to the test, fantasy sports offers a most enjoyable way to enter a new level of involvement with the athletes you admire. It’s widespread growth and popularity is no accident and it shows no signs of slowing down. Give sports a new meaning and join a fantasy team today.

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