10 Fantasy Sports Rules to Help You Win

1) You need to have time to dedicate to leagues. Joining a fantasy league requires a commitment of time, especially if you want to do well. It’s tough when you have to play a team with multiple players on the DL in their active lineup. If you don’t have the time to dedicate then don’t join the league.

2) You must stay the course with your team no matter what. Fantasy sports are great when your team is healthy and doing well but you might find more satisfaction in other ways. Imagine leading a team to a championship after having faced an uphill climb all year…the victory will be even sweeter.

3) Spend the time preparing for your draft and it will pay dividends. You will be managing this team for a full sports season so extra time on the front end can equal a solid season. Research draft strategies, participate in mock drafts and have a solid game plan of what you want to achieve come draft day.

4) Allow some time to set your lineup each week. You must ensure you play the maximum number of players per week to provide the best chance to win. Leaving guys on the bench with open roster spots will only hurt your cause and over the course of a season, can be the difference between making and missing the playoffs.

5) Evaluate your competition each week. Look at your opponents roster and see how they score in each category over the course of the season. In baseball, if your opponent has a weak pitching staff there may be no reason for you to start your weaker pitchers as your stronger ones may get the job done.

6) You don’t always start your best players. For example, there aren’t too many hitters you want to start against Tim Lincecum as he’s so dominant, and you’re less than likely to score that well.

7) Search the waiver wires regularly. You can almost always count on your opponents to make bad moves and drop good players when they’re not scoring well. It’s up to you to be the first to recognize this and capitalize before anyone else.

8) A small percentage of your players are expendable. Most of your players beyond your top performers can be dropped if they’re not playing up to standards. Solid players can always be found on the waiver wires and it’s important to know when to pull the trigger for a needed boost.

9) Know your strengths and weaknesses. There will be categories where you score well every week and others where you don’t. Look to improve on those weaknesses with players that will help you in those categories, without a letdown in the ones where you’re strong. Start by adding players who can help your team and dropping players who aren’t.

10) Never join more than 2 leagues at a time. Any more than 2 teams will likely result in neglect of setting lineups, making player moves, etc. Think about quality rather than quantity and you’ll improve the chances of winning your league.

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