Start Your Year Off With Fantasy Sports

For sports fans, there have always been times while watching a game when we’ve screamed at the television and asked “Why did the coach do THAT?” followed by us saying “If I was the coach I would have done this.” Well, sports fan everywhere now have an outlet for their inner coach and general manager. That outlet is fantasy sports leagues. As you probably already know, fantasy sports is huge amongst hard core and passive sports fans alike.

Whatever sport a person is a fan of, there is a fantasy league for him. The variety is almost endless nowadays, and continues to grow at an enormous rate. There are many different formats to choose from, depending on a person’s interests. Daily leagues, weekly leagues and season-long leagues make up the fantasy sports landscape, giving fans everywhere an opportunity to compete not only against themselves, but also other fans. Daily leagues offer fans the chance to enter a pre-arranged contest or create their own to play against friends. A fan can usually enter as many teams and games as he wishes, and can play for free or for money. When playing for money, the person must deposit some cash into the game himself. Fans like these leagues because if they do poorly one day, they can create a new team and start fresh the next time, rather than being stuck with a bad team all season long.

Weekly leagues are just as they sound. Players sign up and compete one week at a time with teams, rather than having an injury to a star player ruin their season. Like daily leagues, fans can compete for free or for cash, and can play with everyone or just friends. Season-long leagues are for fans who really consider themselves general manager material. Like any league, they begin by drafting a team. But unlike other leagues, the team they draft is the team they have throughout the season, unless they make some trades along the way. An injury to a star player can have a devastating effect on these teams, but the rewards of a season-long championship are very satisfying.

Fantasy sports, while competitive, are also good-natured fun for fans of all ages. Drafting teams, studying statistics, trading players, following injury reports or simply going with a gut feeling all contribute to successful fantasy players. In 2010 it was estimated that more than 32 million people over age 12 played fantasy sports, and almost 20% of males in the North America participate in fantasy sports leagues. It can be a great hobby for fathers and sons, and can even turn into a full-time occupation for those highly-skilled players. Some daily league players have won in excess of $ 250,000 playing in these leagues!

If a fan wants to put his knowledge to the test and find out if he has what it takes to be a general manager in professional sports, fantasy leagues give him the chance. The desire to compete and win, along with lots of skill and a dash of luck, make up the best fantasy players. Whatever league they choose, they will experience both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and love every second of it.

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