Jonathan Giannone: Fantasy Football Scoring

Jonathan Giannone understands that one of the most challenging things to understand when someone is new to fantasy football is the points that players receive. Jonathan Giannone also knows that since the entire game is based on points it is very important to have an easy to understand, basic guide for people to peruse. Jonathan Giannone thinks that that the easiest way to understand the points is to look at it is not by position but by type of play.

So first Jonathan Giannone thinks that people should understand how many points are standardly rewarded when a player from the participants team scores. When a touchdown of any kind is scored, the player who scores the touchdown by crossing the goal line receives six points. When an extra point is scored, the kicker who kicks the extra point earns the points. Same thing for two-point conversions, two points awarded to the person crossing the goal line and if it is a pass then, the QB is awarded two points as well.

The other way that players score is when a player throws a passing touchdown. In standard leagues, the passer is awarded four points. Other standard points that can be received are for rushing: 1 point per ten yards of rushing, one point per 10 receiving yards, and one point for passing the ball for 25 yards. There are also bonus points for exceptional performances. Jonathan Giannone knows that some leagues will change add or eliminate bonus’ but standard ones include two points for a passing, receiving, or rushing touchdown of 40 or more yards. This means that in standard scoring a receiver who catches a 40 yard pass and scores a touchdown would receive 12 points because they would receive six points for scoring a touchdown, four points for the 40 receiving yards, and two points for the bonus.

Jonathan Giannone knows that defenses special teams and kickers can also earn points for fantasy football participants. As has been already discussed, kickers earn points for extra points. They also earn points for field goals. The basic points for a field goal are three points for a field goal shorter than 40 yards, four for a field goal 40-49 yards, and 5 for a field goal of 50 or more yards. Defenses earn special points for sacks and interceptions as well as holding the opponent to low points. They also earn points for a fumble recovery, blocked kick, and a safety.

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