How To Succeed In Fantasy Basketball

The temperatures outside are dropping. Cold weather clothes are being extracted from storage while shorts and beachwear are being squirreled away. The professional football season is in full swing. All of this can mean only one thing. Basketball season is about to begin. Professional and college teams are getting themselves ready. Coaches are drawing up strategies and determining where to put their key players. Now is the right time for fantasy basketball players to start scouting their own team. There are almost as many differing player drafting strategies as there are fantasy coaches. With this in mind, there are a few key components most of the successful fantasy basketball teams have in common.

Many fantasy basketball leagues consider a variety of statistics to determine a team’s points. Steals, assists, rebounds, and other statistics have an impact on the court and in a fantasy league. A player high in these numbers can do more to support a fantasy team than one that does little more than score points. A player that scores a lot of points can be good. However, one that scores a slightly smaller number of points but has more assists and rebounds would be better for a fantasy team. Offsetting high scoring players with those that have a well rounded stat sheet is important.

On the defensive side of the ball, a player capable of blocked shots and steals can also be important for a fantasy team. On the court these stats don’t boost the numbers on the scoreboard. They do have a great impact on the game. That is why considering players with strong defensive tendencies are important when drafting a fantasy team. Besides putting up points they prevent the other team from scoring. This lowers the possible points players on the opposing team could score for their fantasy teams while increasing the points for the team that drafted the defensive player.

A fantasy basketball league coach should keep in mind all the skills and abilities of their players, not just their position or fame. A highly paid player may score a large number of points early in the season, but that may become a hindrance near the end of the season. Because of the different statistics that are used in fantasy basketball, a number of fantasy coaches would fill their team by drafting point guards and power forwards. There are many players in other positions that behave like point guards and power forwards on the court. Keeping an eye out for these types of players can be very helpful to a fantasy coach.

There are some fantasy leagues for fans of college basketball. The sheer number of college level teams and players makes drafting from this oversized pool difficult. At this level it is more important to draft players with general skills than at the professional level. Scores can vary greatly and one team completely dominating another is common. Statistics like steals, assists, blocks, and free throws are a much larger factor in college games. These statistics can rise faster than points do in the wild unpredictability of a college basketball game.

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