The High School Football Quarterback

Let’s face it, the high school football quarterback is really the face of the team. Prep football has 11 players on both offense and another 11 on defense with plenty of backups (depending on the size of your school) but it’s really the quarterback that carries a lot of the team weight. There’s no hiding in mash up of O and D lines. You can’t scramble down field in a jumble of moving pieces. Every play starts in your hands and there’s no hiding. Yea, your high school football team may be strong on the running game but it still flows through the quarterback. Let’s take a closer look at the QB position in prep sports and how it figures into fantasy league stats and action.

Staring out across the defense on any given play must be daunting for any high school quarterback. Granted, the plays are called in from the sideline but you have to adjust to the chess moves on the field that the D is switching up all the time or you might just face that blitz deep in your chest plate. You’re hands are touching every ball and the game moves fast. You have to be a little bit faster. Most prep sport fans think of a Quarterback’s ability to air out the long ball as their primary contribution and the threat of passing is important but really, they are need to be solid and steady on every play. Even the run plays. The ability of a quarterback to remain calm under pressure is probably his greatest asset and it’s amazing to find that much mental maturity at the high school sport level. But it’s there and in large numbers.

Okay, mental maturity and ice running through the veins is admirable in our high school quarterbacks but come on..we all love the rocket passes down field to a receiver of choice. It’s what makes us rise to our feet on any given Friday night. Of course, that’s gotta to be our primary stat in terms of Prep Sport Fantasy Football. Indeed it is. Passing yards is probably the key measure of a quarterback’s true talent on the football field. How accurate are they can be sized up by the passing yardage. Percentage completions is probably the next category to look at. How accurate are they? This is also partially dependent on the talent of his receivers but the pass has to be there in order to make the catch. Finally, interceptions, the enemy of all quarterbacks across U.S. high schools is also a key measure. This partially addresses the mental toughness we mentioned above. A QB typically throws an interception when he’s panicking. You can also look at the yards per throw but that’s partially addressed in the total yardage stat above. Of course, throwing touch downs speaks to the goal of high school offense in itself.

So, for and it’s high school fantasy leagues, we concentrated on passing yardage and touchdowns. The interception is a function of the opposing defense…something each quarterback would love to blame interceptions on, we’re sure. Now some quarterback’s are quick on their feet as well and take to rushing. They truly are a weapon since they can drop back to throw and then race the gap as the defense pulls back for pass D. Rushing yards are also there in our fantasy league action. Who cares how you get the yards…as long as you get em. You’re the high school quarterback, after all. Go get em!

Dennis Jarvis writes about the world of Prep Sports including high school sports such as high school football, basketball, and baseball.

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