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Quarterbacks and running backs will almost certainly be the main courses in the first two rounds of your fantasy football draft. But after the best QBs and RBs are chosen, wide receivers occupy most of your draft day concern. It’s in those middle few rounds, rounds three through six, that oftentimes a fantasy football season is won or lost. Knowing how to navigate these tough waters is important. Here are some of the top wide receiver picks in fantasy football drafts this season. Good luck with your picks, ladies and gentlemen.

Larry Fitzgerald – By far the most popular wide receiver this year is Larry Fitzgerald, who last season led the league in receiving touchdowns (12), was fourth in receptions (74), second in receiving yards (1,431), and seemed to always be making the big play- good for extra points in most fantasy leagues. But let’s try to temper our enthusiasm a little now. Kurt Warner is not getting any younger, so the amount of balls going Larry’s way depends on Warner’s health. Also, Anquan Boldin has developed into a star receiver on the opposite side of Larry Fitzgerald. So long as there are plenty of passing attempts, both Fitzgerald and Boldin should be happy.

Calvin Johnson – Sure the Lions didn’t win a game last season, and sure their quarterback situation was, well less than perfect. Yet Calvin Johnson managed to become one of the elite wide receivers in football in just his second season. Nobody has more physical tools, and he’s always a threat for an 80-yard TD catch. If there is any (any at all) improvement in the offensive line or the quarterback situation in Detroit, Johnson could lead the league in all the major categories.

Andre Johnson – Johnson broke out last season to lead the league in receptions (115) and yards (1,575), and that was despite the fact that Matt Schaub, who was clearly better at getting him the ball, was injured for a large chunk of the season. Picking Andre Johnson early means you’re relying on both Andre and Matt Schaub to stay healthy, and those aren’t exactly the most likely things.

Randy Moss – If you get NFL tickets online to see the New England Patriots next season, keep your eye on Randy Moss. He’s clearly at his best when Tom Brady is at the helm, and with Brady back as the QB this season, Moss ought to see numbers more like 2007. Last season Moss performed admirably, with 11 TD receptions and over 1,00 yards, but we’re betting that he has even better numbers this year. He’s led the league in TD catches four times in his career. Is he good for a fifth?

The Best of the Rest – Steve Smith, Greg Jennings, Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, Anquan Boldin, Terrell Owens, Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston and Brandon Marshall make up a few of the names you might see come off the draft boards in the third and fourth rounds. You’re going to be starting these guys every week, so you might as well get to know something about them. For many fantasy football managers, wide receivers are hard to study and thus lead to frivolous, shoot-from-the-hip draft picks. Don’t get lazy. Analyze your receivers and you’ll be scoring big every Sunday this football season.

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