Fantasy Football RB Top Starters

Adrian Peterson vs. Cleveland Browns. The quest for 2000 kicks off in Cleveland. Look for Peterson to get hold of the ball early and often and rip up the Cleveland defensive unit for over 150 total yards and 2 touchdowns. Mangini’s impact will surely make for a further regimented defensive unit in ’09, but it won’t take place on opening day and it won’t take place versus the best fantasy nfl RB.

Maurice Jones-Drew versus. Indianapolis Colts. Look up the injury reports before the game starts, however if Jones-Drew is healed from his shin bruise he was hit with in the preseason finale, look for him to carve up this feeble Colts’ defensive unit. In fact, he has always come up large when playing against the Colts, and this time he will not be sharing touches with Fred Taylor. One hundred total yards and a minimum of one touchdown.

Pierre Thomas against the Lions. Thomas must earn a bunch of chances to carry the ball vs. the Lions after New Orleans jumps out to a big lead. And playing versus a defense which finds itself near the bottom of the league, 100 yards with a TD or 2 seem surely possible.

Michael Turner vs. Miami Dolphins. Atlanta and their dangerous offense start the season against last season’s season’s Cinderella team, the Dolphins. And look for Atlanta to stick with what made the team so good a season ago: the rush. Turner ought to acquire the ball at least twenty five times during this one and that must be enough to hit the century mark with a minimum of 1 touchdown.

Cedric Benson against Denver Broncos. The interior of the Broncos defense this past season had a hole as vast as the Atlantic Ocean, and they didn’t do a lot to address it this offseason. Benson finished off ’08 exceptionally strong and will attempt to pick things up where he left off. A great fantasy sleeper pick in week one.

Chris “Beanie” Wells vs the San Francisco niners. Wells will have a chance to begin his playing days with a bang versus the 49ers. While the 49ers have a solid group of LBs, their defensive line is little, and that means that the Cards blockers will have a chance to obtain to the second echelon and create nice running lanes for Wells.

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