The Top 8 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

1. Drew Brees: Brees was simply the best quarterback in the NFL last year, and he’s a superstar. Especially when it comes to fantasy leagues. Brees had a handful of monster games last season, and it’s safe to say that this season should be no different. Bonus points when you factor in Colston’s return.

2. Tom Brady – QB – New England Patriots: 7/11, 72 Yards, 0 TD’s, 0 INT’s, 0 300 YD Games: Tom Brady missed almost all of last season. As you can see by his numbers. But in Brady’s last full season he was absolutely unstoppable. He threw for 50 touchdowns. With a receiving core that has only gotten better, Brady will once again have another dominate year.

3. Peyton Manning: The closest thing there is to a sure thing. Never misses a start, rarely has a bad start, has talented receivers by his side, and seems to put up the same great numbers season after season. Owners should feel good every Sunday with Manning at their side.

4. Aaron Rodgers – QB – Green Bay Packers: 341/546, 4,038 Yards, 28 TD’s, 13 INT’s, 4 300 YD Games: Rodgers had a very impressive first year in 2008. He had more Yards, TD’s, and less throws than Peyton Manning. Rodgers also had 4 Rushing Touchdowns, which is really impressive for a QB. He was one of the only Quarterbacks to rush for 200 yards. Rodgers returns his to favorite targets in Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. Also the Packers running game should be much more effective than last year.

5. Philip Rivers. Rivers has broken out these past few years, and was a great quarterback last season. With injuries to LaDanian Tomlinson, his progress was somewhat hindered, but LT is healthy this season and Rivers has an improved receiving core.

6. Kurt Warner – QB – Arizona Cardinals: 401/598, 4,583 Yards, 30 TD’s, 14 INT’s, 7 300 YD Games: Warner would be much higher if I were basing these rankings off last year’s numbers, but I am not. Warner really scares me because of his age and durability issues. I really think that Warner will take a bad hit and be done for most of the year in 09. But if he can stay healthy, he COULD have another great year.

7. Tony Romo – QB – Dallas Cowboys: 276/450, 3,448 Yards, 26 TD’s, 14 INT’s, 6 300 YD Games: Romo had an ok year in 2008. With other QB’s having better year’s than him I put him here because he really is a good QB. I know he can be a baby and all but he really gets the job done and tends to fall out at the end of the season. Romo will have a good year in 09.

8. Jay Cutler – QB – Chicago Bears: 384/616, 4,526 Yards, 25 TD’s, 18 INT’s, 8 300 YD Games: Cutler was very effective last year in a basically pass happy offense. Now he is with the Bears. Last year he had no running game to speak of and now he has an elite runner in Matt Forte. This could help Cutler or hurt him. It could help him by not being so predictable and passing virtually every time they could to being more balanced. Or it could hurt him by Forte taking too much of his workload.

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