Preparing for 2012 NFL Fantasy League in New York, NY

Half way through the off-season of NFL Fantasy League in New York, NY there is a craving for some news and information. With the 2012 NFL draft almost around the corner, there are many managers in fantasy football waiting for the new batch of rookies to show up.

What counts in drafting a rookie into a team is his performance, his ability and his skill. The doubts that lurk in the NFL Fantasy League in New York, NY, include the contribution of the rookie and whether he will immediately make it to the starting line up or whether he will sit on the bench and learn the game. Although these questions cannot be answered at present, playing the NFL Fantasy League in New York, NY, would require you to take a look at the potential and the value of a rookie at present.

One great example can be given in the form of Cam Newton, who was drafted as the overall best of the 2011 NFL draft with an off-the-chart measurable. A quarterback combo-threat, he ran and threw his way to earn a stunning 14-0 season which won him the Heisman Trophy award and gave Auburn, the National title. But his overall status as the number 1 draft on the League was not the same that was received in the fantasy league drafts. There were many fantasy leagues that saw Cam Newton remain undrafted till almost the 15th round. However, Cam Newton’s contribution to the NFL was something that none of the fantasy league managers expected. Thus the doubt that lingers is whether such a performance could be predicted by anybody? It seems far-fetched, especially considering the level of success that Cam Newton achieved.

So now, heading to the 2012 season for the NFL Fantasy League in New York, NY, there have to be considerations made when making one’s own fantasy drafts. There are many rookie players with statistics that are jaw-dropping, but are they really worth it? It is advisable to put the rookies on hold and prioritize the producers first. With producers, at least you have the satisfaction of their history and their performance, but with rookies, there is still the mystery and unpredictability that surrounds them.

One must, preferably go for those players with a reliable performance and later think about taking shots in the draft. There are many managers in every fantasy league who prefer taking all such risks and end up winning nothing. You do not want to make the same mistake!

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