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Although most of the fantasy football experts you talk to will agree that having a solid running back is the key to starting off your draft day, sometimes the right quarterback can be just as much of a workhorse from week to week as any RB. Here are a few of the most popular QBs projected to go high in fantasy football drafts. Good luck with your picks, ladies and gentlemen.

Drew Brees – Some people are going to try to draft Brees in the top ten based on his fantastic numbers last season. Brees led the league in attempts (635), completions (413), yards (5069), yards gained per game (316.8) and net yards gained per attempt (7.7). In fact, Brees has led the league in attempts, completions, yards and yards per game the past two seasons. Since his 2005 season with the San Diego Chargers, Brees has not failed to reach 3,500 yards, and his numbers only seem to be getting better as he gets older and as the Saints rely on his arm more and more. He came this close to breaking Dan Marino’s yards-in-a-season record last year, and although trying to break the record again will be hard to do, if there’s one QB who can do it, it’s Drew Brees.

Tom Brady – Tom Brady sat out for all but the first few moments of last season after an in-game injury to his ACL forced him to the bench. So if you draft Tom early this year, you’re going to be drafting him based on his 2007 numbers (when he led the league in yards and touchdowns) and praying to the heavens that he’s both fully recovered from his injury and stable enough to not get injured again. What might give you a little comfort is knowing that the Patriots traded away Matt Cassel, Brady’s backup who came in last season and performed quite admirably. If the Pats are willing to let it all ride on Brady’s knee, then perhaps you ought to as well. They have more than a $ 20 buy in among friends wagered on Tom Brady.

Peyton Manning – Most of the projection lists out there will rank Peyton Manning as the third best QB option to take in the draft. He’s been a steady, high-scoring starting fantasy quarterback for years and years, and he’s not likely at all to disappoint. If you want consistency and value, then Peyton Manning is your man. Since 1998 Manning hasn’t dropped below 300 completions and 3,700 yards in a season, and he’s going to be good for about 30 TDs this season, pretty much guaranteed. If you get NFL tickets online to see the Indianapolis Colts, you know that this guy is the centerpiece of what should be another stellar offensive machine.

The Best of the Rest – Kurt Warner, Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo and Matt Ryan are a few of the names you’ll see just a little ways down on the draft board. With the exception of Warner, these guys are mostly young and full of promise for a breakout season. Plus, they’re good fantasy values because you might even find them in the third or fourth round of your fantasy draft.

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