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In fantasy football, you’re team’s top running back is usually your most consistent point scorer, the backbone of your season, the player upon which your social standing among your guy friends will hinge for the next four months. So you had better choose your first pick in the fantasy football draft wisely. Here are a few of the names you’ll see ranked at the top of many drafter’s wish lists this season. Good luck with your picks, ladies and gentlemen.

Adrian Peterson – In an age when more and more NFL teams are going with a platoon of running backs, it’s nice to see that the Vikings have rested most of the running game on Adrian Peterson, who last season led the league in rushing yards (1,760) and was second in rushing attempts (363). While the Vikings have gone to Chester Taylor in a pinch, it’s safe to say that they’ll rely on Peterson for the bulk of the work. And do you think that the Vikes signing Brett Farve will make them a passing team this season? Please. Peterson should have increased productivity as more work is thrown his way. While he only had 10 rushing touchdowns last season, he’s still the class of the RB class.

Michael Turner – The Atlanta Falcons are a team with a great trajectory, and Michael Turner will be a huge part of their rise to the top- if he can stay healthy and energetic. He carried the ball 376 times last year, the most of any rusher in the league, so he took quite a beating. Oftentimes rushers who get overworked come back lacking that extra burst of speed and power. Then again, last season he had 17 rushing TDs, the second most in the NFL, and so long as he’s able to drive home six points when the Falcons are on the two yard line, he’s going to be a high scoring part of your fantasy team.

Maurice Jones-Drew – Now that Maurice Jones-Drew is the sole running back that the Jaguars will turn to (Fred Taylor is now with the Patriots), his fantasy value has skyrocketed. Last season he was a nice option as an RB starter, with 14 total TDs. But increasingly the only thing that matters when choosing a running back is their workload, and MJD should have lots of rushes this season. You can see them all by securing NFL tickets to Jacksonville Jaguars games online.

Matt Forte – How will Jay Cutler’s arrival in Chicago affect Matt Forte’s fantasy value? Some say Forte will see fewer rushing attempts and others say he’ll catch more passes. Last season Forte caught four TD passes, which might signal to you’ll he have even more with Cutler throwing the ball.

The Best of the Rest – Steven Jackson, DeAngelo Williams, Chris Johnson, LaDainian Tomlinson and Frank Gore make up the batch of running backs that are, for the most part, going to be the workhorses of their respective teams. They all have slight flaws, but they could all be great values as fantasy players if you see some QBs getting drafted ahead of them.

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