The Fantasy Football Hot List

If you’ve been following football this year, you’ve likely been impressed with the many pleasant surprises we’ve seen in the fantasy football world so far. While it’s true that some of the players we expected a lot out of have done next to nothing so far, there are those players who had no expectations, yet they’re tearing things up in 2009.

It’s interesting how it all works, but that’s what we get when it comes to the wild world of fantasy football. Without further ado, here are a few players who’ve been very pleasant surprises so far through the first part of the season. These are just a few of the many great overachievers we’ve witnessed thus far.

Pierre Garcon. This Indianapolis Colts wide receiver has turned from a no name to a bona fide wide receiver in a matter of weeks. No one even knew who he was, and now he’s catching touchdowns left and right.

Much of this has to do with the injury of Anthony Gonzalez, out for the season. Nonetheless, Garcon has been great. The absence of Gonzalez in Indianapolis has barely been felt, as the team is undefeated through its first five games of the season. Garcon has done an incredible job filling the shoes of the injured wide receiver. So has his teammate, rookie wide receiver Austin Collie.

Cedric Benson. So many people doubted Benson and his abilities going into the season. He had never averaged more than 4 yards per carry in his career, so there was good reason to think he couldn’t get it done.

Maybe the presence of Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson is a catalyst. Whatever it is, just about any team would be happy to have Benson at this point in the year.

Matt Schaub has been lights out at QB. With numerous games in excess of 300 passing yards, he’s been one of the most prolific quarterbacks in pro football. Did you really expect this out of Schaub?

Not I, said the fantasy football GM. Schaub has been brilliant and was a steal in all drafts.

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