How To Bring Home A Fantasy Football Championship

Are you looking to get an edge on your fantasy football league mates and proudly display the championship trophy next season? Well you need to have a plan to dominate your league and the planning starts today. Yes it’s very early but if you want to bring home the hardware you need to get started now.

First, take a look at what positions are scarce and exploit them. Position scarcity doesn’t simply mean the number of players available, but the top level players available. For example, have you noticed the crop of running backs by committee in the last few years? Well if you haven’t there is a severe shortage of backs who carry a full load, if you can get one you definitely should.

Second, don’t draft a quarterback in the first round. I know right now some of you are reading this and saying “but quarterbacks score the most points” and in most leagues you would be correct but you need to be introduced to a concept called “value based drafting”. What VBD is all about is drafting players that have a big gap below them in the rankings. If ten the quarterbacks score high, but only five running backs score high, running backs are more valuable.

Third, take advantage of scoring discrepancies. Do receivers get extra points per reception? Do tight ends get a bonus for yardage over other positions? Adjust your draft board accordingly. Paying attention to your scoring system, when most of your league mates do not, will give you an added advantage in your league. If you can find an edge you need to take it.

Lastly, look for players due to see more or less playing time in the upcoming season. If a running back is due to get more playing time because the starter went down, bump them up a few notches. Did a free agent receiver leave in the off-season to play with a better quarterback? Boost their stats a few notches. Players can only be successful if they have the playing time to go along with it. Even the best players are worthless if they never see the field, don’t let a roster move catch you by surprise.

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