Fantasy Football’s Overachievers In 2009

If you’ve been following football this year, you’ve likely been impressed with the many pleasant surprises we’ve seen in the fantasy football world so far. While it’s true that some of the players we expected a lot out of have done next to nothing so far, there are those players who had no expectations, yet they’re tearing things up in 2009.

You never know what you’re going to get in fantasy football and these players prove the mantra. Let’s take a look at some of these guys. They definitely deserve the recognition, as they’ve simply been great through the first half of the season.

First of all, how about Pierre Garcon in Indy? Did anyone see this coming? I know that I didn’t, and while much of it has to do with the injury to Anthony Gonzalez, this guy is suddenly one of the best WRs in football.

Garcon has been magnificent in filling the void left by Anthony Gonzalez, and Peyton Manning seems to be building the chemistry between the two by the week. You wonder why the Colts are so good this year, and you have to acknowledge the fact that Garcon partly responsible.

Next on the list is Cedric Benson, amazingly one of the top running backs in football through the first six weeks of the season. Benson had never done anything meaningful before 2009, but now he looks great.

Maybe the presence of Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson is a catalyst. Whatever it is, just about any team would be happy to have Benson at this point in the year.

Matt Schaub. Who would have thought that Matt Schaub would be the second highest fantasy points scorer through the first 5 games of the season, only behind Peyton Manning?

Not I, said the fantasy football GM. Schaub has been brilliant and was a steal in all drafts.

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