The Best Fantasy Football Quarterbacks for 2009

As many of you are in the midst of your fantasy football drafts, here’s some advice that may help you along the way. This article will analyze the potential steals and flops at the quarterback position, a position that I believe plays an integral role ina team’s success.


Kurt Warner- I think Warner will be a great play at the position, just as he was in 2008. Warner amazingly resurrected his career in 2008, and spent the whole season as a top-3 fantasy quarterback. I don’t know that he’ll be THAT great this year, but he’s going later in drafts and is easily worth more than his average draft position.

Carson Palmer- I’ve been in leagues during the past three seasons where Palmer was a second round pick. Many leagues like this. Palmer missed most of last season with an injury, and many fantasy football GMs have forgotten about just how good he can be when on. In Chad Johnson and Coles, he has two solid options at WR, and Palmer, who might end up going late in drafts, could be a steal.

Jay Cutler- I’m on the fence with Cutler, and I only think he’s worth a draft pick if you can get him around the 7th round or later. The number one issue with Cutler is his lack of receivers on his new team, but Devin Hester now has a year of receiving under his belt and should look real sharp for his new QB. I also like second year man Earl Bennett who’s catching passes from his old college quarterback again. What I like most about Cutler though is the presence of an every down back in Matt Forte who is a real threat in the passing game. His new team is making people doubt him, but I say bag Cutler if the timing is right.


Matt Cassel- Cassel was more than respectable as a fill-in for Tom Brady last season, and I think he’s very talented as a quarterback…but playing for the Chiefs as opposed to the Patriots will have a negative impact on the quarterback’s production. I’d hold off on Cassel this season.

Donovan McNabb- A quarterback with a penchant for huge games or horrible games, McNabb enters the later years of his career as the quarterback is now 32 years old. It seems like his knees act up on him every year, and I see safer options out there than McNabb.

Ben Roethlisberger- Roethlisberger is usually pretty hit or miss as a fantasy QB, and I think this year may be a miss. His receivers are streaky and Willie Parker may be losing a step. There are better QBs out there than Big Ben.

Kyle Orton- Unlike Jay Cutler, the one thing Orton has going for him is some good receivers. But Brandon Marshall might not stick around in Denver, and I don’t think Eddie Royal will look as good as he did last year without Cutler throwing to him. Orton now longer has Matt Forte to throw to, and doesn’t have a solid tight end in Greg Olsen anymore. I’m looking for Orton to have similar numbers to last year.

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