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Football (Soccer) Fantasy Football

What is Fantasy Football?
Fantasy Football is a part of the Fantasy Sports genre. It is an online game where you create a virtual team of real football players and score points depending on how your chosen players perform in real life matches.

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About CricBattle

Before starting CricBattle, we knew that there were tons of cricket related fantasy games out there. What we soon realized was that none of them were offering a fair game. We decided on one phrase to make CricBattle a fair game. The rule is simple. If you are playing a fantasy game and happen to have Ronaldo in your team, no one else can have Ronaldo in their team for that League.

On the basis of successful run of cricket fantasy sports platform on CricBattle, we decided to target the sport “Football”. There are more than 1 Billion followers of Football sport. The absence of true NBA/NFL type fantasy platform in the game of Football (Soccer) is just unbelievable

CricBattle was started with one vision : Offer the most real fantasy football platform matching real life cricket tournament.

At CricBattle, a league (tournament) is created by league manager and it has fixed number of teams owned by friends/fans. Once league is formed, all team managers meet online/offline to draft players one by one, thus getting unique players in their own team. Once your team is drafted, you become the coach of the team and manage your team/bench players for every single Football match. If your players are not performing, you as a coach, has an option to trade (drop/add) players from available players list unclaimed by any other teams in your league.

Based on the performance of the players in actual match, the points are awarded to each player in your team. The points are compared to determine who wins the fantasy match on that day.

In summary, fantasy platform’s goal is to bring real world Football game to virtual world, as close as it can be.


We are the ONLY Football-Soccer Fantasy website (NFL/NBA style fantasy) in the world with :

1. Unique Players per team
2. Online/Offline draft with pre-draft selection- Our most loved feature
3. Customize your league (Make your own rules : Scoring system, number of teams in a league, number of players, team combination, draft types, trade restrictions, premium players etc). This is very popular in private leagues where league manager makes his own rules.
4. Unique Trade/Claim system
5. Head to Head Fantasy reflecting real life Football tournament (80% users play head-2-head fantasy compared to traditional point based)

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