75% of Fantasy Football Managers don’t bet on Sports!

The World Cup represents the ideal opportunity to introduce these managers to the fun and excitement of sports betting. Declan O’Sullivan of Bet-Tec outlines how our TotelFootball network can help.

Fantasy Sports Betting – 3 out of 4 fantasy managers who pay money to enter fantasy football competitions do not currently bet on sports. Predominantly these managers are young affluent males who spend a lot of time online – ideal prospects for new customer acquisition.

Bet-Tec has developed a fantasy football pools betting service (TotelFootball) which adds the excitement of pools betting to the already extremely popular format of fantasy football games. The 2010 FIFA World Cup represents the ideal opportunity to convert these fantasy managers into fantasy bettors.

Game players i.e. “fantasy managers” will pick a team from players in selected World Cup fixtures. They decide how much money they would like to stake on their chosen team. This money is then added to the betting pool. Based on the performance of these players in the selected fixtures, the fantasy manager’s team will earn points. The most successful managers who earn most points will win a share of the TotelFootball betting pool.

Liquidity is key to the success of any pools betting service and has been forefront in our minds in developing the solution. TotelFootball has built its technology around a networked pools model. This networked model works in much the same way as the poker network model by pooling players from many different betting operators to deliver scale and liquidity. The solution also allows customers to bet into the pool via multiple channels: online web sites, mobile applications and offline sports betting coupons. The service is fully localisable in terms of language and currency and attractive to customers around the globe.

Plugging into the network is an easy implement for the bookmaker. The solution has been deployed so that all game operations are handled on the TotelFootball side, minimising back-end integration and bookmaker operational work. Bookmakers will deal with new customer set-ups, manage customer accounts and handle the payments, we do the rest.

In short, we seek to create a no lose situation for the bookmaker. There is no charge to join the network. All betting is pools based so no potential for loss. A few simple steps will plug a bookmaker into the TotelFootball network and ensure that you are part of the buzz and excitement that this great new game will bring to the World Cup. Use the World Cup to acquire new customers and the loyalty that fantasy sports competitions engender to retain these customers as sports bettors in the longer term.

Fantasy Football Betting where users will pick a team from players in a real world league and earn money based on the points they score.

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