Fantasy football

This is your chance to become the manager of your own football team, and compete against your friends and family, being able to demonstrate and show off your tactical, strategic skills and your knowledge of fantasy football.

Fantasy Football allows you to pretend that you are the owner of an NFL team, something that adds enthusiasm to those regular fans of the sport, and has also achieved millions of fans over the last few years.

It is a competition in which participants select the best NFL players and receive a score based on the actual performance of those players, competing according to their weekly performance.

The goal is to get the most points with the team you have assembled. Each football player gets a certain amount of points per date. A better actual performance of a player in the field, then the greater the performance of his team.

Then, the total points that your team sums up depends on the players that are included in it and of the statistical level performance of them in the game..


First you choose a league. The leagues have 8 to 20 participants, and you can play with family, co-workers, friends or just join an online league.

You can find free leagues or paid leagues. In paid leagues you must pay a fee which varies from $ 10 to $ 100, and even more.

Once in a league you must choose a team (DRAFT). Remember that once you create a team, you will depend on what the players do each week, in real matches, to get points.

Players are ranked based on their positions. You are not able to change the role of the players, so a Quarterback should always take the place of a Quarterback and a Tight End can only play as Tight End and never as a Running Back.

When making the DRAFT with the players that will compose your team you must take into account the positions to be covered distributed as follows:

 1 Quarterback (QB)  2 Running Backs (RB)  2 Wide Receivers (WR)  1 Flex RB / WR / TEs (RB / WR / TE)  1 Tight End (TE)  1 Place kicker (K)  1 Team Defense / Special Teams (D / ST)  6 Bench (BN)

There are hundreds of combinations and strategies, from how to choose the players or how to locate them each week.

How does it work?

Each week, your team will earn fantasy points. Those are obtained from the statistics that your players achieve in the real matches. For example, if in a match a player runs for 120 yards, scores and receives at 48 yards, a standard score would result in the following:

120 yards = 12 points (one point for every 10 yards) 1 scoring = 6 points (six points for each one) 38 yards reception = 3 points (one point for every 10 yards)

The total fantasy points accumulated by that player at the end of the day is 21 points, these points are added to the rest of the points obtained by the other players and the defense. So, as indicated above, in this game (as in any competition) the objective is to achieve more points than the rival.

In a standard score a touchdown by land or by reception is worth six points and a score pass is worth four, although there are situations or rules in each league with which this can be modified.

Important! Just like in real life the players can be interchanged. You have to move the players every week, to get better results. You can see the points from last week and a forecast of what is expected the actual week.

A season of Fantasy Football lasts the 17 regular NFL season rounds. Normally, the semifinals are played on the round 16, and the Fantasy Bowl in the last round.

There are several factors that play a very important role and will be key to your strategy during the draft when choosing your team.

It is important to keep a track of the players, their position, the week of rest (this week is called BYE, this data is extremely important because during BYE, if your player is a starter and you do not change him for another, he will not add points to your team) and predictions offered by sites that promote the NFL league.

Where to play?

It is an extremely interesting game that continues gaining adepts as years go by. If you are interested in being part of a league there are endless sites where you can build your team and put into practice your knowledge about fantasy football.

The most popular is NFL website, another one is ESPN website, followed in popularity by YAHOO and CBS SPORTS sites.

Remember you must be a registered user first, then you can create your own league or wait for an invitation from your group of friends.